Corporate Social Responsibility

For many years, Eco-Education & Resource Centre has been dedicating to corporate social responsibility!  We have been proactively encouraging our staff to participate in social activities.   Among others, we have been co-operating with community centres to give support to the underprivileged individuals   and participating in ecological field studies.  We have also collaborated with The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong in designing tailor-made activities which targeted at the learning and development of gifted children, with a view to catering for the special learning needs of these children so as to familiarize them with the natural ecology of Hong Kong.

Throughout the years, we have been actively participating in shorelines cleanup activities.  Since 2005, we have been collaborating with the staff of Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Standard Chartered Bank and Sino Group respectively in the participation of shorelines cleanup activities.

In the past, Hong Kong had been affected by some large-scaled coastal disasters, such as the “Pellets Spill” and “Palm Oil Spill” in 2013 and 2017 respectively.  During the above incidents, we had, on one hand, mobilized the public; and on the other hand coordinated with the Environmental Protection Department and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department in organizing cleanup activities.  We have also mobilized the staff of various enterprises to join the above activities.

In 2017, we participated in the two-year “Coastal Watch”, which is an activity initiated by the green group in Hong Kong.  Selecting one beach at a time, we mobilize volunteers to clean up the beach and to conduct coastal ecological survey periodically.

In 2019, we also participated in “The Ocean Cleanup of China, Hong Kong and Macau” initiated by the Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center, a non-profit making organization in Shanghai; We have also collaborated with The Society of Canton Conservation and Shenzhen Blue Ocean Conservation Association (which are environmental agencies/ organizations in Shenzhen) in recruiting citizens from Shenzhen and Hong Kong to participate in beach cleaning activities in Tap Mun, which is an area seriously polluted by marine refuse.

Since 2016, we have got the certification from “Caring Company”, recognizing our efforts in the past years, for which we have utilized our knowledge and power in collaborating with local social service organizations to improve the livelihood of Hong Kong people as well as the conditions of communities and natural environment.  The above-mentioned recognition has mapped out a clear direction for Eco-Education & Resources Centre in achieving corporate sustainability.

Organizing upcycling workshop for youths to transform wastes into something useful

In order to respond to paramount international development trends, like, the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, many companies have started to report the impact of their business on sustainable development.

In recent years, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited has promulgated the “Comply or Explain” guidance in respect of the performance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of listed companies.

By joining the reporting framework under the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), not only could those organizations strengthen the connections with their stakeholders, they are also able to get better capital sources as well as to improve their risk management capability and enhance staff satisfaction.

For many years, Eco-Education & Resources Centre has been proactively launching projects with a view to collaborating with local enterprises (ranging from large to small scale) so as to assist them in implementing sustainable development projects following the GRI standards and principles.  For instance, we have collaborated with the volunteered divers of HSBC in launching coral reef restoration project.  Moreover, we have provided ecological seminars and programmes for bank staff with a view to contributing to natural conservation and to help them in achieving the goals set out in GRI.

The above-mentioned ecological activities of various scales have contributed to the conservation of precious natural resources in Hong Kong as well as facilitated interested enterprises in adhering to the guidelines under the GRI in respect of environmental protection and participation in sustainable development.